A Family Affair

Anthony and Michael Muoio opened Villa Rustica Pizzeria & Trattoria  in Rye Brook, New York on June 11, 2007.

As  with many Italian eateries, Villa Rustica is a family affair. Two  brothers own the place, and they come from a family that has been in  the restaurant business for 45 years. Their dad, Tony, had pizzerias in  the Bronx and Mt. Vernon.

  You will be pleasantly surprised by both the attractive décor and the food at Villa  Rustica. Everything you try you will like—from the taste, to the  presentation, to the service, and even the prices, which are  reasonable.

Fresh Salads

The salads and vegetables are bought daily bringing freshness to every bite.

Homemade Pastas

Pastas and sauces are made every morning just like our grandparents Sunday Dinner.

Creative Lunches

Healthy and hearty specials every day to put a smile on you.